Gamblers tend to be superstitious by nature. Not wanting to admit that casino games depend on pure chance and skill alone, they use all kinds of tic and superstitions as means of staying optimistic during gameplay.

One of the more peculiar rituals among casino players includes avoiding entering through the front entrance and blowing on dice. In this article we’ll look at some of their weirder superstitions and habits.

1. Counting chips

Counting chips is one of the most enduring casino superstitions. An accurate count is essential for making change, transferring chips between players or breaking down large stacks of chips. A calculator may come in handy when counting large quantities or multiple denominations of chips.

Craps players frequently cross their fingers after throwing the dice, similar to how people “knock on wood” to prevent themselves from unknowingly jinxing themselves.

Some gamblers believe the front entrance of casinos to be unlucky due to its appearance; many Chinese visitors consider its design unlucky. Luckily, MGM Grand has recently revised their entrance so it less intimidating for Chinese visitors.

2. Avoiding the front entrance

Some gamblers believe that entering the casino through its front entrance may bring bad luck. They reason that by doing so, you could come into contact with players who just lost and left, who may share bad fortune with you and pass it along to you – causing their bad luck to rub off on you as you enter.

Similar to the number 13 superstition, many gamblers avoid this number as they believe it brings bad luck or even death. Many people take this superstition seriously and even develop an irrational fear for this number.

One good luck ritual that some players perform while gambling is refraining from whistling while betting. Whistles can disturb other gamblers and ruin their luck, so some don’t whistle while playing at all.

3. Kissing the fist

Many gamblers bring along lucky charms when visiting casinos, from rabbit’s feet to four-leaf clover blooms, in hopes that it will bring good fortune in their games. They believe these objects can enhance their fortune.

Kissing their fist before starting a game and believing it will bring luck is another unusual tradition among players, yet one that many people follow as part of gambling rituals. This superstition could easily rank amongst one of the strangest beliefs people hold regarding gambling.

Not counting their money when playing can also be considered poor etiquette; doing so shows off as arrogant and could potentially ruin your luck later on. Therefore, it would be better to wait until leaving the casino before adding up winnings.

4. Blowing on dice

Moviegoers may have witnessed this scene where an unscrupulous casino gambler asks a pretty lady to blow on his dice before rolling them, believing this act will bring luck. According to legend, this practice stems from street gambling games where gamblers would blow on their dice before throwing them so as to ensure they were clean of debris before throwing. Cheaters would use blowing on one side with adhesive then moisten it by blowing, in order to influence where their dice landed when throwing.

Superstitions may seem silly or silly, but they can add an element of fun and excitement when gambling. Remember, however, that rituals alone do not guarantee success but can increase your odds!

5. Avoiding the number 13

Associating itself with bad luck, casino players often shun the number 13. So much so, that some casinos choose not to build thirteenth floor structures and airlines do not permit rows 13 in their aircrafts.

This belief may stem from Jesus Christ’s Last Supper where there were 13 guests at the table including 12 apostles and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus, along with someone like Judas Iscariot who eventually betrayed Christ himself. Additionally, some may view 13 as unlucky because its sound reminds one of death when spoken aloud.

No matter their reason, some gamblers avoid betting on the number 13 for various reasons. But this trend does not hold universally; for example, roulette players in Italy often place bets on numbers other than 13 such as 14 instead. Furthermore, some EuroMillion ticket buyers purchase tickets sans 13 in an effort to find what works for them. It all boils down to finding what works for you!

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