With the online platform dominating almost every industry these days, even the old casino resort giants of Vegas and Macau have had to step aside. Today, the hugely successful online casino industry has taken a firm lead. However, there are many who have remained only half converted. Though they enjoy the greater convenience and accessibility of online casinos, the games themselves, however, can admittedly lack a certain “something”.

This is where live dealer casinos have filled a niche, or gap, that many didn’t even realise was there until they came around and caused them to become increasingly popular.

What Is It?

Live dealer games are basically a new alternate presentation and system for playing virtually any online casino game that involves a dealer.

Usually, playing online casino games means a completely digital game with CGI graphics, simulated chance created by a computerised Random Number Generator and usually no visible dealer. Animating one, after all, isn’t really even necessary.

Live dealer games, however, have changed this, and several other aspects, in a very simple and ingenious way. Instead, an actual trained casino dealer sitting at a game table in an authentic-looking casino setting is video-streamed directly to your device. This replaces the games visuals, and the dealer also handles the game, while an OCR overlay allows you to place your bets and interact.

Why Is it So Popular & What Are The Benefits?

Firstly, it brings a far more immersive casino-like atmosphere to online poker. Atmosphere is something that digital games can usually only partly capture in various aspects, even with top-rate graphics and sound design.

Secondly, it removes the need for an RNG completely. Though a reliable and widespread method of generating random chance in computers and digital devices, many still prefer the idea of “real” over simulated chance.  

Next comes the social aspect. In live dealer games you can speak directly to the dealer who is usually friendly and engaging, creating a greater social appeal to basically any other online game.

Otherwise, live dealer games have everything that other online games have, including a similar HUD display for options and making bets. Also, like other online games, the time and number of games is basically unrestricted, and so it provides the same level of convenience.

The biggest drawbacks to live dealer games are fairly minimal. It simply requires a steady, uninterrupted internet connection that can handled streaming without buffering. The last thing you want is for the video to buffer or disconnect at a vital moment.

Where To Find Them?

Live dealer poker and casino games can be found quickly and easily online. Don’t just go with the first site you see though. Try out different sites, read reviews, and look for the best deals available for the best experience. For example, Black Lotus casino comes highly recommended and ticks all the right boxes.

What’s Best? It’s really a matter of taste and personal preference. If the sound of an old casino setting with a real dealer appeals to you though, or if you just want something different, it’s definitely well worth a try.

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