Las Vegas and Macau tend to draw the most attention when it comes to gambling hotspots, but Europe offers equally alluring destinations for gamblers. Many European cities boast casinos which combine gaming excitement with vibrant cultural traditions for an engaging gambling experience.

Paris may be famous for its romantic canals and world-famous museums, but it also boasts several excellent casinos for every kind of player to enjoy. Amsterdam also provides players with high-quality establishments.

Monte Carlo

Travel guides typically include two casinos on their list of world’s most luxurious casinos: London’s Ritz and Monte Carlo’s Casino de Monte Carlo are often included, though another establishment deserves consideration: Germany’s Kurhaus casino at Baden-Baden draws wealthy composers, actors, politicians and politicians for generations. Dostoyevsky even wrote The Gambler about this historic gambling establishment.

Old-world elegance remains the hallmark of town hotels, spas and shopping areas throughout Europe. Exploring its Baroque-influenced architecture or wandering its dense streets will reveal small jewelry shops, antiques and cafes tucked into every nook.

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Malta, known for its tax-friendly environment, boasts many great casinos in Valletta – many thanks to tax relief offered for iGaming companies wishing to set up shop here. Furthermore, Valletta itself is an eye-catching sight; featuring votive statues and niches at every turn as well as grand bars and cafes.

The Dragonara Casino offers an intimate gaming experience for those seeking something less geared toward stag parties and offers a selection of casino games that cater to everyone.

If you’re seeking an action-packed vacation experience, visit Nice. The city hosts the Cannes Film Festival every year and is full of bright colors and lively scenes. Casino Croisette can be found centrally located, while de la Vallee features stunning seaside views in a former palace housing numerous casinos.


Baden-Baden has long been renowned as an idyllic spa and wellness destination, and this Black Forest town continues to draw luxury seekers seeking spa, wellness and luxury services. Once popular among European elites as an escape, its curative waters still hold great promise today.

Today’s casinos combine old-world elegance with vibrant new energy. A DJ spins an irresistibly danceable Sasha track in a packed bar and lounge area as Prada-clad crowd in their 30’s and 40’s enthusiastically move to its beat – more reminiscent of a well-planned liquor advertisement than the staid casino environment that inspired Dostoyevsky’s The Gambler.

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While Las Vegas and Macau might vie for the title of gambling capital of the world, Europe boasts some of the world’s most luxurious casinos. Boasting more liberal gambling laws than their US counterparts, European destinations provide unique and captivating options suitable for players of all types.

Baden-Baden, a picturesque German town famous for its thermal baths and spas, was also the setting of two James Bond film installments; its luxurious casino boasts everything expected of top gaming destinations: table games and slot machines alike.

Costs associated with casino visits in Europe can depend on the game being played and stakes staked – with minimum bets usually set higher in European casinos, there are plenty of low-stakes options that cater to casual and high roller players alike. Utilizing Rome2Rio as your travel information and booking engine makes trip planning simple as this site offers up-to-date schedules, route maps and journey times from relevant transport operators – making the whole planning experience simple.

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