Over the past decade, video-streaming has become somewhat of a phenomenon in the industry sector. Literally thousands of independent content creators have found success on various online platforms that cater to streamers.

Youtube is, perhaps, most famous for this, next to platforms like Twitch and others, helping to create a vibrant and bustling new industry.

Crypto Casino Streaming Enters The Scene

Crypto casino streaming, in its current stage, is essentially esports betting, though using crypto to place bets. It has had two distinct phases:

CS:GO Skins

It began with the popular online multiplayer game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO, launched in 2012 and remaining a popular game to this day.

Like many other online games, certain in-game items, called skins, could be traded for real-world money, and so players began using them to place bets on games. It soon became so popular, that whole gambling sites were created to cater for it. However, over 2016, government crackdowns on all unregulated online gambling, especially where minors could get involved, caused it all but disappear.

Crypto Casinos

Over the past two years or so, with crypto casinos emerging and creating exciting new opportunities, the CS:GO gambling scene has been revived on the Youtube platform. This time, however, the in-game items have been replaced with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto offers a number of advantages. Most notably, it’s very difficult for minors to purchase. Secondly, it’s not tied to any specific game, and so can be used universally. This means many different games can be played, and bet on, simultaneously, across different channels. Soon, this will likely also include different platforms.

Benefits For Streamers

While the streaming industry is vibrant and bustling, it is also highly competitive. Many would-be streamers often have a hard time attracting enough subscribers to be monetized, let alone becoming a successful streamer. Furthermore, most streamers can’t survive on Youtube ads alone, and so look for sponsors.

A Trend That’s Here To Stay

While cryptocurrencies have certainly had quite a roller coaster ride over the years, what is more certain is that live-stream esports betting isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The live-streaming industry alone is predicted to be worth over $4 billion by 2028. With live-stream betting included, this figure will likely be far higher. Crypto, with is array of benefits, is a natural choice to help facilitate it rapid growth.

Another great appeal to streaming esports is the sheer entertainment factor. Even without betting, thousands are drawn to it every day, simply to watch. Having that audience provides recognition, and monetization, from Youtube, which is a big step.

A Digital Era

The online platform is growing rapidly, with streaming, iGaming, and esports leading the way. Likewise, play live sites like are now more successful than ever, outperforming places like Las Vegas, and ushering in a brand-new era of gambling.

Will crypto casino live-streaming be the next big thing? It’s still very new, so we can only wait and see. From all indications though, and with crypto being so well suited to it, it is highly likely.

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